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Providing Ordinary Needs With Extraordinary Care

A Hand Up With Charity and Encouragement

Charity Begins At Home and In Our Neighborhoods

When your plate is full and you look your best, you feel like nothing can stand in your way. For the homeless population in Long Beach City, California, getting access to a warm meal or even a haircut may be next to impossible. We at CISF believe that everyone deserves these simple necessities, which is why our homeless charity organization works to offer services to the displaced citizens in our local community.

A Brighter Future 

If you are as motivated as we are to help the local community, join us as we work with the homeless. Show your support for those in need by visiting their encampments with us, hearing their stories, and helping them find a way toward permanent housing and a brighter future.

Our Active Organization

As a nonprofit community service organization, our purpose is to perform hands-on assistance with those less fortunate who are without adequate nutrition or shelter. We don't just throw money at the situation from afar. We pound the pavement through our community outreach effort to offer our services throughout the month. Our team can be found working in our homeless communities on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of every month.


How Your Donation Helps

Your support helps us provide the simple services that mean so much to those who would ordinarily go without the basic necessities of daily living. Every donation we receive goes to help the programs we have available now, starting with free meals and haircuts to our homeless neighbors. As we grow, our goal is to help veterans, teens, and victims of domestic violence as well. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, and your donation is tax-deductible as it was used directly to help those in need; donation receipts are available.